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have a hard time understanding because we are the united states of america, and i had a hard time understanding until i started turning over every stone to see what authorities we had the there was no authority to guarantee liabilities or to put capital into the institutions. but any event, i'm not sure what -- the british were -- i had said in the book i used rasht language when i was disappointed but as i sit in the book as i reflected on it, they obviously had their own issues they were looking at and the regulator it was for them a very difficult decision to let one of their banks go ahead and in the middle of a run lehman brothers step in and make the acquisition and be confident they had the wherewithal to do that. limited part in a much smaller transaction and i think it was tuesday or wednesday of the british authorities said if you have an account with lehman keeping securities there you couldn't take it out. they froze the accounts basically, which i gather came as a surprise, came as a big surprise to me. >> that was i think that shocked the markets. my recollection is
. >> president obama brought his campaign against america's banks to lower manhattan this week. our nation's financial nerve center. in the wake of his healthcare overhaul win, mr. obama has a new target. instead of health insurance companies, the president's new villain is wall street. the president has a five-prong action plan for regulatory reform. one, six government bailouts. shut down big bank when is they begin to fade. two, the boca rule limits the risks take know by banks. three, trams pairencey, especially for complicated investments like derivatives. where investors don't know all the players. four, consumer protect. more information for individual investors about the financial products they're buying, notably in the complex derivatives market. five, reforms pay for executives. investors and pensions vote on compensation for ceos. mr. obama emphasized that wall street has nothing to fear from his administration and its roles. >> unless your business model depends on bilking people, there is no fear from these new rules. [ applause ] >> hold on, mr. president. bilking? bilking? w
mistress ever? >>> is the cheated on sandra bullock the most admired woman in america? the startling results just in today of our exclusive "showbiz tonight" poll. >>> lindsay lohan locked up? disturbing news breaking today that the troubled lohan could b get thrown in jail. and wild new video today of the chaos surrounding lindsay. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, this is dangerous. >>> dead man posing, it looks like a normal shot of a guy on a motorcycle, he's dead, yes, he's dead and posing on a motorcycle. >>> tv's most provocative television news show starts right now. >>> hi there, everyone, i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with big news breaking today, the incredible rielle-oprah outrage. i couldn't help but think today that rielle hunter has to be regretting going on oprah for her first tv interview about her affair with john edwards. "showbiz tonight" can tell you that getting slammed doesn't even begin to describe the furious reaction today to rielle hunter basically telling oprah, hey, don't call me a homewrecker for having an affair and a baby with the guy who could have been the nex
anthem. >> please be seated. i think you to the united states air force band mid- america from scott air force base in illinois, and to our neighbors and friends from tinker, illinois, for hosting our friends and guests. our city has certainly change in attitude and appearance. and during the last 15 years we have worked together with common resolve to defeat evil attack against us. we constructed this beautiful memorial and the compelling newseum to the ground of the attack. the rebuild heavily damaged box around the site. today, we continue our work building and even greater oklahoma city. now please welcome the mayor of oklahoma city, the cornet -- mick cornett. [applause] >> as john mentioned, april 19, 1995 began much like today. the temperature was seasonal, the sun came out, and then our lives were changed forever. ultimately, each of us, individually and collectively, have been faced with choices, the choice is between strength and the uncertainty, the choices of optimism and pessimism, the choice is between freedom and fear, choice is between moving forward and falling back. and
diversity in america. "washington journal" is next. . . our question for you this morning is about financial regulatory reform. do you think it will get bipartisan support? the lines are -- you can also e-mail up -- e-mail us at or twitter. senators will face a future -- crucial test vote on far reaching legislation to overhaul the nation's regulatory system. republicans said sunday they plan to block efforts to move forward unless democrats altered several elements. meanwhile, democrats and obama officials spent much of the day finalizing strict new rules to rein in the huge derivatives trade -- other coverage of that in "the washington times." republican leaders said yesterday their ranks are unified and determined to shoot down a key test vote today, potentially embarrassing scenario for democrats seeking to advance a major item of president obama's agenda. our question to you is, do you think bipartisan support will materialize today on the financial regulatory bill. and it's not today, because of differences between the parties -- do you think it will be different, pe
to leave america altogether. >> i'll need a divorce. >> absolutely! >> we'll always have vegas! >> hinting the president better back off or he will pack up the operation and go to china. could this be the wake-up call washington needs? fight for a government takeover of healthcare isn't over. >> where are you going? >> going to pick a fight. >> new bill to give d.c. power to control how much health insurers can charge. they say it will drive down medical cost, but is it a plan to drive out private companies and leigh the government running -- leave the government running our healthcare system? plus, al gore taking his inconvenient truth to recruit inconvenient youth. >> kids, our system has gone to hell. due to environmental pollution. >> the former vice president setting his sights on your kids. good idea to save the planet? or a plan to brainwash your children in supporting expensive government programs? all that, and profits reduced to ashes. airlines losing billions from the volcano no one can pronounce. get ready for another taxpayer funded bail-out to keep carriers from making a cras
, republicans are jostling to to see who's right and who's farther right. the pulse of america when we come back. >>> as republicans gather for a big pep ralfully new orleans, we take the pulse of america. tonight especially, the pulse of the part that leans right. with us tonight, cnn contributor, eric erickson. eric, you heard a liberal perspective of the president's challenge in picking a new supreme court justice and a characterization of justice sotomayor as a moderate and a dare to the republicans to try to be aggressive in whoever the president picks next. what's your test? we don't know the name, let's not dwell on who it might be. but you saw how the republicans handled sotomayor and the aggressive questioning but in the end she was confirmed. the same game plan good for you, or do conservatives and republicans need to do more? >> well, you know, i would like them to do more and be more aggressive. it depends on who he picks. remember the republicans fell all over themselves to vote at the end of the day for brier and ginsburg when clinton was president. some voted for sotomayor. i thin
of a criminal probe here. s&p equity cut it to a sell and bank of america and merrill lynch cut it to a neutral this morning and see it down another 7% and all the other financials are weak here, as well. they're also concerned about any criminal porobes of any kind. finally, massey energy, third company here involved in difficulties here. there are reports of criminal investigation, i say reports regarding that mine explosion in west virginia that happened about three weeks ago. all of this weighing on the market. people don't know exactly what's going on. good news follow up on the home builders. generally orders have been improving here. horton 55% improvement overall in the net orders. that's an excellent metric and generally they have been improving. ryland one of the companies only disappointing. chevron same story here. higher oil prices have helped the upstream production but good news in chemical and even, larry, refining is starting to get better and you know what a disaster that has been for a while. >> investors are digesting a lot of important economic data today, manufacturing, co
those attending, ken star, dean of pep dine university. "america and the courts" today on c-span. >> this weeked on c-span2's booktv, rebecca skloot on "the immortal life of henrietta lacks." also, "stuper-power illusions" by jack matlock. also, "the history of white people." >> the minute the wall street firms were in the business of harvesting middle class americans for their home equity value and making loans against it, there was a natural risk of abuse. >> sunday, michael lewis. his latest is "the big short." also, is moan ball -- also, "liar's poker." >> president obama told workers at a north carolina manufacturing plant that the economy is, in his worts, beginning to turn the corner. labor department employers show 152,000 jobs added last month. the president was in shardt, north carolina, -- was in charlotte, north carolina. >> today the charlotte region remains an important part of our future. as you can see, we are currently expanding operations with our investments supported by the $49 million matching grant that we received from the department of energy last yea
there landing at cape canaveral, florida, earlier today, there to outline his vision for america's space program and it is controversial. we'll get to the details in a second. first, let's reflect, what has nasa, americans in space, meant for you? let's take a peek here. we have better aircraft engines because of the space program, flame resistant materials developed because of our need to fly in space, radiation detection improved, enriched baby food, that's important, digital imaging for breast biopsies, something critical there, better brake lining for our cars. and let's not forget about the tang. let's going to magic wall and look at president's proposals. the president is proposing major, major changes in space. let's look at some of them. here is one thing the president says -- doesn't want to work for me. here we go. some of his proposed changes. spend an additional $6 billion over the next six year, invest in deep space exploration and bring about a multibillion dollar renovation of the kennedy space center. by taking these things out of nasa, we may lose the lead in space, have big nas
ignited a firestorm of controversy across america with copycat legislation on the way. the president put it this way -- >> you can imagine if you are hispanic-american in arizona, you're great grandparents may have been there before arizona was even a state. but now suddenly if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're going to be harassed. that's something that could potentially happen. that's not the right way to go. >> you know, that sound bite really hit me. the magnitude of what the president just said. the president of the united states of america, just talked to people in a crowd saying you might be need something papers to stay legal in america. now the president is a constitutional scholar and a person of color. he is uniquely qualified and understands why this law is unamerican and racist. the story also has the attention of america's top law enforcement officials. he is attorney general mark holder. >> that law is an unfortunate one. i think that it is, i fear, subject to potential abuse and i'm very concerned about the wedge that it could d
when -- she could be the devil. she could say i hate america. i want to destroy america. and that way they'll only be able to say, why do you hate gay, immigrant, black, handicapped women. >> you know, senator, it's amazing how you can make a good living talking about a guy on a commuter train after three drinks. seriously. that's the kind of stuff i heard growing up. that kind of stuff is so uninspiring and yet i guess it has an audience. >> it wasn't just what you heard growing up. this is what glenn beck said during sotomayor. he said the same kind of stuff, attacking her, attacking her qualifications when she was number one in her class and done so well throughout her career calling her emotional and all of these things and it got out there. but in the end, you heard people like lindsey graham voting for her saying maybe he wouldn't have picked her but she was clearly qualified and he was proud to vote for her. in the end, she got confirmed. i think the hearings while they were difficult at times they were fair and that's what we want to see again. all this garbage and all of thes
the overwhelming importance of black race in america. i am familiar with a truly gigantic literature that explains the meaning and portends an honest to god reality of the existence of race. it's imperative and a statutory biological definitions of white race, we may notoriously vague. believing that what is not black. the disc thickness does not indicate lack of interest. quite to the contrary for another, past historical literature, much less known today explains the meaning and portends an honest to god reality of the existence of white races. they may seem not to be given a book on americans in antiquity, a pure fun before europeans discovered the western hemisphere and thousands of years he for the invention of the constant of race. they given the prevalence of the notion that racist permanent, many believe it possible to trace something recognizable as the white race, back more than 2000 years. in addition, not few westerners have racialized antiquity making ancient history into white race history and classics into a living whitefield, complete with pictures of blonde ancient greeks. transfo
the president back in iowa. it's not just about 2012. the democrats have a problem in rural america and as conservative marco rubio enters the race for a florida senate he steps into the discussion about immigration. >>> most of what you're about to hear will make you mad or annoyed, anyway. some of it isn't 100% family friendly either like this from senator levin from michigan to goldman sachs executives he believes knowingly sold bad investments to clients and undermined financial markets in the process. >> june 22 is the date of this e-mail. boy, that timber wolf was one [ bleep ] deal. how much of that [ bleep ] deal did you sell to your clients after june 22, 2007? >> mr. chairman, i don't know the answer to that. but the price would have reflected levels that they wanted to invest in at that time. >> but you didn't tell them you thought it was a [ bleep ] deal. >> no, i didn't say that. >> no. who did? your people internally. and that's what the e-mails show. >> the hearing putting congress against goldman sachs is one act. another is an all too familiar of partisan duel or bl
reform. when i talk to farmers in middle america and tell them what this reform is about, they're excited about it. they are naturally scared and republicans have done a good job of scaring them, but if democrats would embrace this, they would convince the american people that this is a great thing. if they would embrace president obama as they should, these politicians have got to stop being afraid of their own shadow. they should go and be who they are, promote a democratic philosophy, be on the offense instead of the defense and we'll be fine this fall. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >>> michael steele speaking of someone who has a lot of depending to do. he's been defending his spending habits, but it's what the republican chairman is saying today about race. and i don't mean political race, that's drawing new attention. john harris up next with the latest. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. [ screaming ] hey. pbht! [ luke ] unless, of course, you've got at&t, the nation's fastest 3g network, which means you can surf the web and download videos in a sna
and america, and president obama from a historical perspective next. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the coming. if you've had a coke in the last 20 years, ( screams ) you've had a hand in giving college scholarships... and support to thousands of our nation's... most promising students. ♪ ( coca-cola 5-note mnemonic ) captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: president obama and his russian counterpart president medvedev signed an arms reduction treaty in prague practicaling for nations to trim their stockpiles. about 30% less than currently allowed. this would bring the two countries arsenals to their lowest levels since the end of the cold war. the treaty still has to be ratified by lawmakers in both countries, though the two sides disagree over the future of u.s. missile defense plan, obama medvedev said the fact was a sign of improving relations. >> our relationship had started to drift making it difficult to cooperate on issues of common interest to our people. and when the united states and russi
in light of his former congregation run by reverend wright. >> god damn america. >> there is criticism. we'll take a look at it. >> whacky vad ventures of a ronald mc. >> bill: should ronald mcdonald be fired? that's what health activists want. the culture warriors are now involved. >> oh, that sure was a lot of fun. >> bill: caution. you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. protecting the schneider family. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in march of 2006. 20-year-old maureen lance corporal matthew schneider was killed in iraq. family was devastated. a week later matthew was buried that ceremony was interrupted by members of the westboro baptist church who traffic in expositions like this. >> search per phi. semper fag coming home in body bags. >> bill: these hateful fanatics believe that god is punishing america because the u.s.a. does not persecute gay people. led by a loon named fred phelps they interrupt funerals saying god killed their sons and daughters. it doesn't
right? megyn: i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live" with new defenderments on a stunning story. a gop fundraiser, the woman you see on the sidewalk beaten and stomped by attackers. new questions whether politics led thugs to break her leg and her boyfriend's nose. the guy behind the idea to infiltrate tea party rallies is a public school teacher. you know what that is. talk about getting smacked. a debate over in-school punishment that could have the u.s. congress stepping in. this will affect every student. the punishment police on "america live" now. first a fox news alert. in the last hour the fighting got fierce over the *'s controversial pick for the judgeship. the judiciary committee questioning goodwin liu. this is a liberal court, it many right complete u.s. supreme court. republicans hammering liu over what they call an attack on justice sam alito before he got on the supreme court. senators throwing around words like racist and outrageous. this all happening in just the last hour. eyesight as vicious and emotionally and racially charged >> i heard comments made sugges
tv show in america. and the world now, in 187 countries. but, john ridley, when we're all together in the front office at msnbc, we tarp you cwere talkin wofs going to be on this new show, the new incarnation of "morning joe," and i have to be honest, i think we were too tough on you. >> really? >> i think we held to you a higher standard. >> oh, god. >> i think you had less of a margin of error. >> are we going to start -- >> i think it was the slimmer margin of error. >> i think you had a slimmer margin of error. i think you would have been on "morning joe" but the slimmer of margin -- >> remember one morning you mispronounced a word. >> yes. >> and the front office is like, we can't -- you want -- >> this guy out. >> and so, i owe you an apology. i think i owe michael steele an apology. >> i'm getting new t-shirts made. i was trademarked michael steele. it's not my fault. i got a slimmer margin of error. >> yes. >> so we're going to start out and going -- >> and haley barber jumped in on this about his slimmer margin of error. about the only thing slimmer on him. >> you said it.
to private. that is about 70% of small businesses in america. it will be interesting to see how robust that small business tax credit is. obviously, this is a category of folks that are prevalent on a daily, real basis. -- struggling on a daily, real basis. we tried to highlight areas of concern. we did not get to everything, we could not, in the 30-page document. for the immediate regulatory issues that need to be held this year, you have heard it before. this grandfather plan is huge. right now and employers are frozen in their benefit designs, cost sharing responsibilities, deductibles, so they're absolutely needs to be clarity. in addition, medical loss ratio will need to be defined. ali, they are very broadly defined. my personal hope, view here, fraud and abuse programs, programs to prevent that, care programs, should be defined as medical care benefits. if they are considered outside of your benefit dollars, it would hurt you. if you do not reach 80% in the small market, you have to start paying rebates to consumers in 2011. one thing that we have not talked about, within 90 day
. israel has weathered decades of war and terrorism, but it remains a thriving democracy and america's closest friend and ally in the middle east. as a very young child, i remember the immense pride and joy my family felt when the jewish state became a reality. i had the privilege of traveling once again to israel earlier this month, and again i was struck by the resilience, the courage and innovation of the israeli people as well as their pride and the beautifully lush country they have built in the desert. i thought about my childhood again and the number of times that i had safe my nickels and dimes to buy trees and tree certificates that we used for birthdays and anniversaries to plant trees in israel and to turn that desert and make it bloom. no longer -- israel today is a leader in technology and energy and scientific innovation, including medical innovations. it is also the only democratic state in the middle east, and our steadfast friend and ally and partner. today, we mark the 62nd anniversary of the state of israel and celebrate the unbreakable bond between our two countri
about it in north america. >> reporter: in march steve st ank lo was named chief. still, veteran toyota worker now retired is skeptical saying his former bosses hide rather than deal with problems. >> translator: they would avoid announcing defects as recalls and call it service campaign or anything else to fix the problem. >> the focus for toyota now is to make things right. they seemed to ignore the key assets. they forgot to listen to the voices of their own loyal employees. >> you're talking about this memo, and last week you were telling us about a memo from one of executives as well. >> that's exactly right. there seem to be all of these drops in the bucket. right now the bucket is close to spilling over the there's so much going on. toyota is looking to fix it. they know they've got a problem now. you have to keep in mind. they are almost 140 lawsuits against this company right now. make or break. >> thank you. >>> coming up, senate back from recession, job number one, extending unemployment benefits. >> make or break for hundreds of thousands of people getting unemployment exten
with america by labor day. but our lead tonight, wall street reform. as this takes shape on capitol hill, cleaning up wall street is the goal. we'll tell you about the negotiations under way, the big hang-ups and what it means for your money. we'll also go wall to wall tonight on a day goldman sachs reports record profits. we'll show you where goldman gives, which politicians get and how it influences the debate in washington. in "one-on-one" the focus middle east peace. we talk to a man with experience negotiating for the united states who now says we have the wrong assumptions in the arab/israeli conflict. the most person you don't know tonight will tell you something you don't want to hear. $770 million of your money wasted on a project that was supposed to make big improvements in border security. >>> it's been 18 months now since wall street's collapse. almost sent the country into a depression. and your congress has done exactly nothing to keep it from happening again. they're trying and tonight there's some optimism of a bipartisan deal in the senate. i know, we'll believe it when
for the contract from america. >>> finally, get this, a new poll shows a virtual dead heat for the 2012 presidential race between texas congressman ron paul and president obama. that is right. and another poll shows republicans lead the general ballot in november midterms. fasten your seat belts, everybody, "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back where we still believe free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. here's my thoughts on the money politics news of the day. as i said stocks roared today. humongous v-shaped recovery for retail sales, beat everybody's expectations. a 1.6% jump in march, a 7.6% gain over the past year. those are big numbers. speaking of v-shaped recovery, we had very strong business sales. think top line revenues for corporate profits. and a solid increase for business inventories. so i'm going to stay with the v-shaped recovery theme, at least through the end of 2010 before your taxes go up. stocks had a banner day. the dow up 104 points, the s&p 500 cruised through the all important 1200 benc
our way at of this crisis. we have to earn our way out. we have to put america back to work again. his approach is addressing that. >> last week, i announced some additional -- additional targets steps. they will give added boost to small business by building on the tax cuts in the recovery act and increasing access to the lungs desperately -- loans desperately needed for small businesses to grow. i called for the extension of emergency relief like unemployment insurance and health benefits to help those who have lost their jobs while boosting consumer spending and promoting job growth. we also want to take some strategic surgical steps in areas that are going to generate the greatest number of jobs while generating the greatest value for our economy. for the moment we took office, -- from the moment we took office, we began investing in a newer, stronger foundations for lasting growth. when that would free us from the cycle of boom and bust that has been so painful. one that can create good jobs and opportunities for a growing middle class. that is at the heart of our effort. [applaus
ahead. caller: really sad day in america. the federal government is broke. most of the states in this nation are broke. - and for the federal government to continue using this as a vehicle to print dollars - to further extend the debt of this nation is a tragedy. this nation has turned into a debt free system with the common americans getting crewed more and more as days go by. thank you. host: south lion, michigan. iris? caller: hi. there. i feel the government keeps taking, taking, taking. spending, spending, spending. they have yearmarks and highway remaimed for political people. they borrow money when they charge you taxes on your salary. and maybe they could add another 50-60, $200 back from what they don't use. we're giving them in trust and they give us back - let them eat cake kind of stuff. obama could travel less and do a lot of his stuff by telephone and spend more time in the united states where he's elected to be president of the united states. work on maybe, half salary until he proves himself and that goes for every other president. they should stop depending
. they are not bad. t(we definitely have to build me nuclear power plants if we want to keep america energized. host: you have one in knoxville, don't you? caller: there are several around. i'm not an educated nuclear person but i studied it and we hire given all of our technologies away to the chinese, the french, and all of the world is using the technologies that we americans developed. i'm 72 years old. i watched the nuclear age coming in, and america needs nuclear energy now. host: isaac, boulder, colorado. a democrat. caller: i opposed -- to me, it seems like if we continue to -- you know, the waste is my concern with building new plants. as the caller prior from hanford, washington, suggests, that there is an ongoing issue with justification -- it is really a process that is already under way and we really have not resolved much because we are just pouring it up. host: here is a tweet -- hastings, michigan. gordy, a republican. caller: i am opposed to it definitely for two reasons. here in michigan we have some power plants and they are storing the waste in cement containers right along lake
critical to both of us and i just want to repeat how horrified all america was at the recent attacks in moscow. we recognize that that is a problem that can happen anywhere at any time and it is important for russia and the united states to work closely on those issues. and there is the people to people context, figuring out how we can make sure there is more interaction and exchange between our two countries on a whole range of issues within civil society. so i am optimistic we can come to new to make progress -- but we need to -- it speaks to not only security of the nation but security of the world. >> [speaking in russian of] >> [interpreter] yes, we have 9% of the stockpiles which is from the cold war legacy. we will do what we can to be taken in mind the special issue of the united states and russia on the issue. we do care about what is going on with nuclear arms and other countries of the world and we can't imagine a situation between the russian federation and the united states, taking efforts to disarm and the world will move toward a different -- printable different direct
to america. president obama met with leaders from around the world today at the white house to talk about nuclear security. the white house announced the ukraine will get rid of stockpiles of enriched uranium. we will get an update on the nuclear weapons summit next. a panel examines this state of new media, a social networking, and grass-roots communications in iran. a group of former u.s. ambassadors discussed the prospects for peace in the middle east. >> all this month, see the winner of c-span's student documentary competition. watch the top winning videos every morning at 6:50 a.m. eastern before "washington journal." during the 830 a.m. program, meet the winner is. >> the white house announced ukraine will get rid of its nuclear material by 2012. robert gibbs spoke with reporters about the ukraine agreement and other nuclear issues. he is joined by counter- terrorism advisor john brennan. here is a portion of that meeting. >> good afternoon. before we hear from john brennan, i want to start with that announcement. ukraine announced a landmark decision to get rid of all of its stock
to the streets of america. there were half a million in los angeles. there were 350,000, i think, in dallas/fort worth, that area as well. also, there was some backlash because remember at a number of these rallies, they actually -- they were talking about becoming americans but they were flying the mexican flag and they were flying flags from south america and stuff like that and suddenly, there was some backlash so if they are planning some big rallies, beware, there could be some backlash this time as well. >> it's an interesting irony because -- because of the freedom of speech here in this country, they're allowed to do that. >> well, of course. all right, so in the meantime, let's talk a little bit about a drink that you maybe have guzzled once or twice before. it's called the arizona ice tea. but they're facing some backlash now because of the name of the drink and they were all of their drinkers to know that they actually don't make their drink in arizona. it's actually made in new york. >> it's a new york drink so stop protesting arizona. it just happens to be the name and by the w
. all eyes are on south america and the southern crops and what they are doing. i understand that soybeans are really pretty good but they can't ship them at this point in time and that is going to make a difference to our beans. >> when you look forward from midapril to summer and early fall and i think south america is going to own the soybean market. there will be windows to ship from here to there. i think as long as they can get their logistics straightened out they will own the soybean market president the next 6 months. >> do you think our soybeans will stay the same? >> i'll turn that over to scott. >> i agree with brian. there is going to be a lot of competition from south america. if our crops get in the ground and planted well they will head lower. certainly we can take a buck, a buck and a half off beans and real easily from normal seasonal pressure and south american competition pressure. out in the summer it won't matter how many beans south america has. >> it wouldn't scare you very much at this point in time. >> i would expect it. always protect against the do
, that this immigration bill was at the center stage of the political debate in america. but we have so much more going on today that that's not going to even be touched by anybody in washington. >> well, we'll talk about it certainly, but we have a lot of other things to talk about as well. and it's a good thing that mark halperin is with us on this tuesday morning. >> good morning. >> recent immigrant. >> yes, you are. >> to these shores. >> look at halperin. does he get pulled over? >> i don't know. no way. pasty white. >> 35 in a 25-mile-per-hour zone. >> he's got a ruddy complexion. >> yeah. oh, look. >> look, it's the man that reports on the pretty pint-sized pony. >> wasn't that beautiful? >> should we tell him? >> named p ed petunia from pens. >> that was all pete breen. there's snacks on the way. he gets winded and he rests. >> i see. >> so pete's pretty. pony named petunia. >> he loves little ponies. i don't know what it is. he was really pushing me. >> how certain are you that's not a sea monkey? >> i can't confirm that. that's an excellent question. >> so getting back to what's going on on
, right? >> remember, if you're buying for 30 years and you believe in america, you still would buy a home. interest rates are very low. interest rates being low, you're buying it for very cheap. if you buy for five years can compare the cost of renting, you don't have any fees or roof repairs or taxes comparing to buying now for five years. >> not going to go up 20%. >> my crystal ball at least goes out five years unless you're getting an incredible deal. which if you work hard enough unlike in stocks, insider trading and real estate is condoned. >> if you're renting and you put an option to buy, that's my point. if you already need to rent, put an option to buy. >> thank you for joining us, we really appreciate it. >>> blackstone group and continental sinking today. >>> up next president obama near wall street this hour to make his case for overhauling our financial system. we'll head live to the cooper union in lower manhattan for cnbc special coverage. >>> welcome back, everyone. president obama in new york city at this hour preparing to go into the lion's den. he is getting ready to s
, president obama, in america. [ speaking in russian ] . . >>> the president of the united states of america, barack obama, and the president of the russian federation, dimitry medvedev are signing the treaty between the united states of america and the russian federation on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. >>> if you are just joining us right now, you are looking at president barack obama and president dimitry medvedev. an agreement to shrink the arsenal to about 1500 warheads. that would allow for the mutual destruction several times over. it is sending a signal to the world about nonproliferation. it is no accident this is taking place in prague where a year ago he gave a speech about eventually hoping to rid the world of nuclear weapons. we are seeing a part of that in action right now with this agreement that as michael levee from the council on foreign relations has been talking to us about. it hasn't been easy to come by. ed henry told us, ten phone calls, five face-to-face meetings to get to some agreement. what were the biggest hang ups
comments. >> america has got to be back in the future business, we have to be a tomorrow country. we have to create more jobs, revive manufacturing. we can't do it if we keep mortgaging our future to other people. the way to sell this to people in america is to tell them half of our debt is held by people and other countries and soon it will be 75% and do they wanted for their -- do they really want that for their children and grandchildren? then i would tell them that i would be careful how i do this. i would it everything i can to minimize the burden on the old, the poor, and unfortunate, but that in order to do that, you have to change the way you do health care, the way we do energy, the way we do education, -- and you have to reverse the age ratio. host: that is the former president yesterday. you hear what he says, the tomorrow country -- create more jobs, revive manufacturing, address federal debt, minimize the burdens on the old, pork, and unfortunate, change the way we do health care, energy, and education, and this last point, that the country needs more immigrants. we need to c
of the responsibilities that falls to all of us as a americas and inhabitants' of this same small planet. that is irresponsibility that we are rising to meet today. thank you for their outstanding work you are doing individually. i look forward to the work you will be doing collectively and advising this and their -- this administration. thank you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] . . honorable donna f. edwards to act as speakser pro temp on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain. the chaplain: let us pray. heavenly father we give you thanks this day. we proclaim praise the lord all you nations floorify him all you peoples. for steadfast this is kindness toward us and the fidelity of the lord endures forever. we ask your continued blessing on us as we seek to do your will. be our strength in time of trial. protect those who risk their lives to keep us free lord and keep us always grateful for their sacrifice. bless the women a
's facebook and other ways giving all factions in america, all points of view a bigger exposure if i can say. >> you are a big twitter. >> i had to be pushed into it. i thought there would be another thing about what consume time but in fact it can be whatever you want it to be. i remember organizing on the left and the 80's and 90's what we could have done with cell phones. i was using a cell phone that was a brick. what we could have done with the internet and e-mail and twitter would have been phenomenally we are seeing the results when it comes to both left and right wing organizers. conservatives now are learning to do it and want to do it. they are realizing organizing is a good thing. they've seen it on the left and works and should be an american value and i think we are finally seeing that manifest. >> if people want to follow george woodard? >> ibm at hey tammy bruce. >> illinois you are on with tammy bruce. >> caller: thank you. hi, tammie. i want to ask a foreign policy question. as you know obama has been very harsh on our allies especially israel and some extent britain. but at
>>> good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos, on this friday, april 16th. we have breaking news. thousands more planes grounded around the globe, as the cloud of volcanic ash grows and spreads. the biggest flight disruption since 9/11. and it may be just the beginning. >>> also, new details about the man who is accused of holding jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. he says he wants the right to contact her and her daughters. we'll tell you what the judge says. >>> and new warnering about instant ads online. marketers are targeting you moments after you logon. we'll tell you how to protect your privacy. >>> and the lakers fan with a big heart. he inspires so many. but today, we surprise him with the star who inspires him. >>> i have been looking forward to that story all week. >> we've been hearing. oh, my. we all need a little something to feel good about, especially if you're stuck in an airport. much of the world is a huge no-fly zone, thanks to that eruption of volcano in iceland. and a cloud of ash over 900 miles. half of all flights betwee
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. snoelt ♪ >>> president obama travels to the kennedy space center to outline his vision for america's space program. americans being launched into space on board an american vehicle for at least a decade. >> they are criticizing the president's plan saying they are concerned about their future. suzanne malveaux is taking a look. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: the moon mission under president obama is scrapped at least for now. a devastating blow to kennedy space center employees. >> i should have a plan "b." i don't yet. i could go back to being an aircraft mechanic or stick around here and drive a truck. i don't know. >> there is just kind of a cliff out there. we are not sure what's on the other side. >> reporter: families took comfort in president obama's plan to return u.s. astronauts to the moon by 2020. in february, the obama administration announced it was killing the moon mission called "constellation" after having spent $9 million on the program. this steel tower stands at 355 feet, brand new, never been used. it was built to launch
and this very interesting new poll has now just been released saying this -- is america overtaxed? 66% of you say yes. only 25% say no. 9% are not sure. i don't know how you don't have an opinion on that one one way or another. how can that many americans feel like we're already overtaxed when you look at another very interesting statistic that 47% of americans don't pay income tax. >> 56% were only the taxpayers, not the ones of the 47% of taxpayers that don't pay taxes. >> karl rove says that's true, 66% of americans feel like they're overtaxed. however, so far the republicans own this issue, not that they're the only ones that have supported taxes in the past but right now, it's democrats that are just amping it up to the tune of $670 billion. according to these statistics there's been 25 tax increases since barack obama took office in 2008. when people say i feel overtaxed they're pointing right to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> the other thing that karl rove points out in that article, he believes it could be a moral issue, too, how people feel about taxes. here's another interesting stat,
. >>> soda making america's belts and buttons pop. wait until you see if there is a curtail to the sodas. would you mind paying a bit more to hydrate. >>. [ singing in spanish ] >>> mexico's bloody cartel war celebrated in song. music and lyrics by "grim reality." take everything you thought about gangster rap and toss it out the window. >>> remember, the best defense is a good avenues. the vatican says the catholic church reals frin germany telephone hotline for those abused by priests. will victims turn to the institution that betrayed their trust in the first place? frederick plakan is there with details and deana in rome. >>> the vatican has been criticizing the media in recent days for what they are calling an attempt to smear the pope's name. this is the first time we have seen a comprehensive rebuttal of some of the points raised in the media and specifically in "the new york times" in relation to the case of father lawrence murphy who abused deaf boys in the united states in the '50s and '60s. "the new york times" alleged that the decision not to defrock father murphy in 1996 whe
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